Product Developing

Our strength is in translating the sketches into reality and research of proper fabrics and materials. We offer a tailored partnership for every customer; our support is in design collection, materials and workmanship research, pattern, prototype, production and logistic. In our showroom we propose our collection useful to choose styles and materials and to see by real our potencials.

Materials Research

Fabric is, without any doubt, the soul of a cloth. Must be a perfect mix between volume and weight to realize a perfect fit. We visit fashion exhibitions and  see many fabric collections to ensure you the best products on the market. We also collaborate with fabric mills to develop unique and personalized materials.

Paper Pattern.

Let's start. From the sketch to the paper, fixing step by step and meticulously every inch. Will have to dress people, not only mannequins. Our archive in composed by thousands models already product, result of decades of work and experienceIn a little time, we can develop every paper model needed, starting from design and from existing garments of our and your collection, as well. Thanks to automated systems, we are able to receive or provide models in digital format.

From Prototype to Production.

We are structured to ensure our service from the first prototype, salesman samples, pre-production samples, up to production and shipping to distribution center or logistics.  We carefully check and spread the fabrics, taking care there are no imperfections, ensuring only the first choice. Every garment is cut with the internal automatic cut machine, including prototypes and salesman samples, thus ensuring a production standard from the first garment to the production.