CPN textile company

Made in Italy Fashion Manufacturing

Made in Italy

Our company is based in PratoTuscany. We create create garments  starting from fabrics and materials research, collection design, prototypes, salesman samples and production. Our garments are completely produced in Tuscany with a special attention at fabrics and materials origin to guarantee the real Made in Italy.

Who are our customers.

Our customers are brandsprivate labels with their own store and corner shop, who need to create unique and exclusive collections to compete with other worldwide brands. Collaboration is precious for a proper customization of collections, working beside designers to find all the possible solutions. Our staff is composed of expert in design, paper-pattern makers, cutting and logistics managers.

Tradition and Technology

We love tailoring traditions, and more garments who really suit. But always in contemporary way with all technology necessary to create garments. Inside our company you'll find the automatic cut machine, spreading machine, modeling software to create and place pattern for production.

Why Caterina?

Caterina is our history, our identity, our origin. The Caterina brand was estabilished in 1978 by the creative mind of Caterina Tanci, brand and company founder. In the 80s the brand was in the best italian boutiques. From this experience comes the dedication to grow up brands as if it was our, aware that a perfect and durable garment is an excellent business card for every store.